​​Asphalt Repair & Coating

Asphalt Repair & Coating

Asphalt repairs and coatings are done when your asphalt has begun to crack or is deteriorating in particular parts of the surface. By enlisting asphalt repair services, rather than resurfacing the asphalt completely, you can actually save yourself money by repairing the asphalt through localized repairs where holes and cracks are sealed using our specialty techniques that remove the appearance of damages and keep the surface smooth and good as new.

Asphalt Repairs
Asphalt repairs are done by mixing another batch of hot aggregate materials and applying them to the areas where there are cracks and holes in your asphalt and allowing it to settle into the space. By approaching our repairs through this method, we can ensure that the new material is fully fitted into the damaged space without the need to replace or alter the existing asphalt at all. These types of repair solutions can also enhance how your final asphalt looks, as the repairs blend in with the rest of the asphalt surface and help your pavement to look like new.

Asphalt Coatings
Once your asphalt has been installed into your surface, you’ll then want to protect it further by adding a sealcoat to it to increase its lifespan. By adding a sealcoat to your asphalt, you’re not only protecting it from premature damages and deterioration, such as holes or cracks, but you’re also preventing it from negatively reacting to sun and water exposure. With a sealcoat, asphalt is prepared to combat these types of damages and outdoor elements, and can keep the strength of your asphalt intact for many years to come. Once applied to the surface of your asphalt, the sealcoat will require drying time and will then be ready to use like normal, providing you with the most durable asphalt surface possible. Sealcoats may need to be touched-up every few years to maintain the integrity and strength of your asphalt surface.

What clients appreciate most about our asphalt repairs and coatings is that they’re durable solutions that increase the longevity of your asphalt. Clients often choose asphalt as a first choice for their paved surfaces because of its natural durability, but when installed with our techniques and attention to detail, along with sealed using a sealcoat topping, you’re looking at several years of continued service from your asphalt surface, without the constant need for regular maintenance or repairs.

Asphalt repairs and coatings are not only recommended for your asphalt surfaces, but are also less costly than constantly replacing your asphalt as a whole. Our asphalt repairs are typically targeted through localized methods of repair, meaning that you don’t need to worry about your asphalt being off limits completely during our repairs. With localized repairs, the work done on your asphalt is less labor-intensive and therefore less expensive than complete replacements. By repairing your asphalt and driveway at a lower price than a replacement, we can save you both time and money and help you get the most out of your asphalt surfaces.


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