​Concrete & Blacktop Paving

Concrete & Blacktop Paving

Concrete and blacktop paving is the process of paving your outdoor surfaces uses one of the above mentioned paving materials. Both offer their own sets of benefits and are strong and highly durable for such projects. We assist clients in choosing the right type of paving material for their outdoor space if they aren’t sure which is best yet want to optimize their space and resources. Since we specialize in both concrete and asphalt, you won’t be disappointed when letting us assist in your paving project.

Concrete Paving
Concrete paving is the method of paving a surface using liquid concrete that’s been mixed and later poured onto the surface. Concrete require more preparation in terms of the worksite than asphalt might, as asphalt is rolled onto a surface instead. However, concrete must also be smoothed and evened using special tools that allow us to do this. When your concrete is poorly mixed or not poured by professionals, it can result in longer or unnecessary drying times, as well as premature deterioration from cracks if the concrete did not have the right ratio in it. To avoid this, we measure and mix our concrete with precision so that’s right each and every time and saves you money future repairs.

Blacktop Paving
Blacktop paving makes use of asphalt to pave your outdoor surfaces. Unlike concrete, asphalt is made up of aggregates which are then rolled on top of pavement. If you have existing asphalt on your outdoor spaces, we’re able reduce the top layer of damaged or deteriorating asphalt and apply a new layer with ease. This saves on costs and resources of reapplying new asphalt from the beginning and can provide quicker project times so your paved surface can be up and running again shortly.

Driveways are one of the most common surfaces that we help pave because everyone needs a smooth driveway or place to park their car, let their children play, or allow guests to park their cars. Driveways can be paved using both materials and the one chosen is reliant solely on the owner’s preference. Some clients may want asphalt that helps their driveway naturally blend in with the road and a substance that doesn’t easily stain, while others may want concrete because it can be customized to complement the home’s exterior.

Concrete and asphalt repairs are quite easy to fix when you have the right tools and resources. Using our skills and techniques in the paving field, we supply a range of repair solutions that can help seal and protect your concrete or asphalt. When repairing cracks in the concrete, we often use a surface sealing agent which is similar to a glue and applied at the seams where the cracks are forming or meeting. The seal is then dried and allows you to make use of your concrete pavement for many more years to come. For asphalt repairs, we instead use more asphalt to help fill cracks and holes in the surface, allowing them to blend in more with the rest of the blacktop.


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