​​Driveway Paving & Sealing

Driveway Paving & Sealing

Driveway paving and sealing consists of pouring concrete or rolling asphalt onto a would-be driveway surface and allowing it to dry for future car and foot traffic. Using these two material is important because they have proven to be highly durable and strengthening when used in driveways to support cars pulling in and out and remaining parked on their surface. Once your pavement material has been chosen and installed, then left to completely dry, we will then assist with applying a sealcoat to the top layer of your new pavement. Sealcoats are recommended for both concrete and asphalt driveways in protecting the building material from excessive weather or fluctuating temperatures, as well as helping deter any stains, scratches, or potential damage that could compromise the material’s integrity or appearance.

Driveway Paving
Driveway paving is done by measuring out and blocking off the area that you want used as your driveway. Once this has been established, we can then move on to determining the type of paving material you want for your outdoor surface. If you store cars on your driveway and want to prevent the mess of oil leaks or stains, then asphalt is, perhaps, the best paving solution for you. If your other structures around the outdoor space are made from concrete, such as your walkway, front porch, or sidewalk, you may want to consider concrete to keep the appearance of your outdoor space cohesive.

Driveway Sealing
Driveway sealing is the process of adding a protective top layer of material to your driveway to prevent it from weathering damages such as rain, UV rays, and even snow. Some building materials can be sensitive to such elements, like concrete is to ice, making it more important than ever that your pavement is protected for long-term use. By adding a sealant, you’re placing an insurance on your driveway to help it stay clean and in the best condition possible for many years. Driveway sealants are not noticeable and do not show up, to the naked eye, on the finished products.

Residential Driveways
We provide driveway paving and sealing for residential driveways because we know that homeowners want to get the most out of their driveways. Homeowners who have families and multiple vehicles also put safety and security as a top property on their list when it comes to maintaining a great driveway, something we’re able to help them achieve with our professional driveway paving services which check for quality assurance and complete safety.

Commercial Driveways
Commercial driveways are another driveway surface that we take pride in paving. Commercial driveways are often larger and wider than traditional residential driveways, meaning they require more effort and planning to ensure that enough concrete or asphalt is adequately mixed and laid onto the commercial surface. Since commercial driveways often host more visitors and cars than standard residential driveways, it’s also important that commercial driveways are accessible and strong to accommodate the number of people and the combined weight.


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