​​Parking Lot Asphalt Paving

Parking Lot Asphalt Paving

Parking lot asphalt paving is the practice of rolling asphalt onto a large parking lot for car-park use. Asphalt has regularly been chosen as a material for parking lots because it is relatively low-maintenance, looks great, and is highly durable with the added weight and pressure of several cars at once. As a solid material that can hold multiple vehicles at once, it’s a trusted material for this particular type of building project, because of its long-term success in parking lots.

Commercial Parking Lots
Commercial parking lots are typically the type of setting that will request an attached parking lot to be paved with asphalt. Using our team of trained commercial paving professionals, we’re able to take on the project of paving your commercial parking lot with asphalt, regardless of its size. Since asphalt doesn’t require a long drying time like concrete does, we can easily take on large-scale projects and have them completed in no time, leaving you with little waiting time between beginning the project to finally putting your parking in use. Our asphalt paving services are incredibly convenient and affordable, making them even more desirable by commercial companies in the area for their outdoor parking lot spaces.

In order to prepare for the installation of asphalt into a parking lot, there are some measures that must be taken first to ensure that the asphalt is installed correctly. Such steps include clearing the space and removing any old or existing material, such as concrete, that could interfere with the levels of the asphalt or cause it to be rolled incorrectly. Once completed, your space is then measured off into sections where the asphalt can then be rolled in bits, ensuring each piece is level and measured with the next one to create a uniform, even surface.

Why Use Asphalt?
Parking lots have long benefited from asphalt because of its immense durability and capability to withstand outdoor elements such as moisture and heat. Asphalt is a sleek building material that doesn’t require much upkeep and can be installed en masse for large areas such as parking lots. Asphalt, unlike concrete, is instead rolled onto a surface rather than poured, meaning that there is less drying time needed and your parking lot can be up and running in no time. This also helps cut back on labor costs and any other associated costs that could accumulate when your parking lot is inaccessible during the installation period.

As mentioned previously, asphalt does not require much general upkeep over time. The most that asphalt might require is the occasional cleaning or crack repair when the asphalt accumulates natural wear and tear. Otherwise, your asphalt can easily last you and your parking lot for long periods of time, when installed correctly, without the need for continued maintenance. This makes its great for large spaces to avoid having to clean it regularly or finding the time to clear out the space for ongoing maintenance. We also offer snow removal service.


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