​​Snow Removal

Snow Removal

When the weather changes and you haven’t prepared yourself for the big storm to come, Fairfax Virginia Paving Contractors is there to help with snow removal. We know that big storms can come and go, leaving behind a mess to try and clean up on your own. To avoid the hassle of removing snow from all parts of your outdoor space or from injuring yourself while the weather is still severe, we’re able to step in to provide snow removal when you need it most. Using our fleet of industrial snow plows, we’re able to remove snow at rapids rates.

Driveway Snow Removal
Have you ever woken up to a buildup of snow on your driveway when you need to be on your way to work? To avoid being late or damaging your car trying to move in the snow, we provide snow removal for your driveway to help you get in and out on time and with ease. The process of removing snow on the driveway includes mapping the area where the driveway starts and ends as well as determining the best method to remove the snow. It’s important for us to map the space to avoid accidentally plowing your surrounding garden beds or garage doors that can’t easily be seen when covered with snow.

Sidewalk Snow Removal
Sidewalk snow removal, like driveway snow removal, is the process of removing snow that’s built up on your sidewalk. It’s important to have the snow on your sidewalks quickly removed so that you can access your car or mailbox with ease. To avoid slipping on snow or not receiving your mail, it’s best to have your sidewalks plowed as soon as possible. Sidewalk snow removal is safe and done using our smaller tools, as sidewalks often aren’t big enough to host the size of our snow plows.

Deck and Patio Snow Removal
Deck and patio snow removal can be slightly trickier than traditional driveway or roadside snow removal. This is because the process of removing snow on these surfaces is typically more manual and uses less machinery, given the size and location of your decks and patios. Instead, we use snow removal tools that help scoop the snow quicker and remove it away from the covered area that you need to have in use. Our snow plows are not used on most decks and patios to avoid damaging the smaller spaces or getting our snow plows into those areas.

Parking Lot Snow Removal
Parking lot snow removal is done by using our industrial snow plows to remove large amounts of snow in vast parking lot areas. This can be done on outdoor parking lots or even parking decks there the space is open and has accumulated snow. Removing snow on your parking lot, especially if open to the public, is a safe way to avoid injury and liabilities if your visitors happen to slip or fall on the snow, when it has not been plowed. Find out much more details about us.


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